ECU Converter - Turbine Telemetry

ECU converter is a link between the turbine electronic (called ECU) and the 2.4GHz remote controls with telemetry.

The measurements which are usually displayed on a control panel will be "converted" and send to the telemetry back channel of the respective remote control system.

For unidirectional telemetry systems, such as Multiplex MLink, the data can be transfered in only one direction, ie from the model to the radio - while in bidirectional systems, such as Jeti Duplex EX, data is transferred in both directions.

To avoid repercussions of the turbine control to the receiver, telemetry and ECU connector of the ECU VSpeak Converter are electrically isolated.


Vspeak offers a variometer in two versions: The simple standard version and a "pro" version with higher sensitivity.

All Vspeak Variometer use the existing telemetry system of modern radio controls.

The values measured by the vario can so be displayed on the radio or if applicable by voice output (+ Vario tone).

Remote control transmitters that are not equipped from the factory with a voice output can be retrofitted with the appropriate VSpeak speech module (which not only can speak optimal the data of VSpeak Vario's, also the data of other sensors). The speech module generates according to rising/falling a proportional Vario tone. At the VSpeak speech module a number of settings for the Vario tone can be made.

In addition to the height measurement, the vario also has a 3-axis accelerometer and a single cell monitoring. For the single cell monitoring there are Balancer adapter cables available under accessories.

All measured values can be logged and analyzed with VSpeak tools or LogView.

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