VSpeak-Vario (standard)

€ 59,00

With the VSpeak-Vario in the standard version you can easily find up wind. For higher demands we recommend the "pro" version of the Vspeak-Vario.

The measured values are send back over your telemetry system to the transmitter.

The standard version is equipped with a three axis acceleration sensor with a measurement range of +/-8g and can measure the cell voltage of a battery.

All values can be logged.

Externally the VSpeak-Vario (standard) can be distinguished from the "pro" version by the missing logo "pro" on the bottom of the vario

Note to spectrum receivers AR7350 / AR 9350:

This receiver series is unsuitable for the transmitter-side Vario tone production, compared with the TM1000 the vario is very sluggish and therefore unsuitable for ambitious pilots.

This also applies to the use of the spectrum own Vario SPMA9589.

If only components of VSpeak used for vario signal, so VSpeak speech module in the transmitter and the VSpeak Vario on the receiver side, then there is no difference to hear - whether the vario is connected to a AR7350 / AR9350 or the TM1000.