€ 549,00



The STUKA Ju87 is a single-engine combat aircraft from the time of the Second World War. It was a dive-fighter-STUKA-announcing its dive-bombing with the howling of the sirens. The bonnet and cycling shoes are made of fiberglass and painted. The STUKA Ju87 Bomber is made of wood of high quality and covered with original Oracover foil. Worthy of mention are the prototypical ailerons and flaps. With the recommended powerful engines, the model achieves impressive flight performance. The model has a very good-natured flight behavior, which is due to the size, the gullwing and the construction as underdecker. The model is designed for a 20 cc internal combustion engine or a 50 mm brushless motor. Access to the drive battery is provided by the removable cab hood. The STUKA Ju87 is prefabricated up to 95% and covered with Oracover foil, all small parts, which are needed for the construction, are included in delivery.




  • Covering with original Oracover foil
  • Extremely light and high-strength, laser-cut wooden construction
  • GRP bonnet and cycling shoes
  • two-piece wing
  • removable cab hood
  • Prefabrication grade of 95%, covered and painted
  • Electric or gas engine possible