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RC Skydiver kit - ARTF - orange with 3 servos


RC Skydiving parachute - Steven

Whether participate in competitions, jump in club or alone the RC parachute Steven will make you enjoy this funny hobby like never before. The control is so smooth and reliable that it will allow you to accurately land in the target circle which is the goal of any competitors.


For the development of this wing we found necessary to surround ourselves with skilled people, with a solid knowledge of this discipline. Alfred Rachner decided to join us and to help us reaching our goal. His technical skills in RC Skydiving development and his years of piloting skills ( Several times German champion of the discipline and winner of the European Trophy) have been really precious and Steven is based on Alfred’s development.


It’s your time to jump! Let’s enjoy the fun and the adrenalin!

Thanks to its ease of use, the only thing you will have to control is the level of fun that this parachute will provide you. Ensuring this way,to any interested persons a simple access to this beautiful hobby. No matter the speed, you will be able to lead your Skydiver wherever you want with a surgical precision. The fun will become yours at the very first seconds of flight and will never leave you. The parachute RC Steven is ready to jump.


Unpack the parachute, link it to your Skydiver and enjoy!

Taking full advantage of the latest innovations issued from the development of our RC paramotor models and the partnership with the European champions of this RC discipline, the Skydiver Steven as a unique design allowing to push the boundaries of the RC Skydiving leading to better performances.


Thanks to the composite materials and a thoroughly and optimized assembly, the weight in order to fly of the skydiver (including the parachute), is only 1100gr. This low weight allows you to perform smooth and extremely accurate landings. But you can also easily weigh it down during strong weather conditions. The legs are cleverly assembled with silent blocks to absorb the shocks of most approximative landings, and providing also different positions of the legs during free falls or when the parachute is deployed. These possibilities enable an extreme steadiness during free falls and was verified during wind-tunnel tests.


The arm movements are optimized in order to get the most uniform and accurate trajectory. Besides the design of the head mounting on the skeleton was done in the way that it can’t break and be easily replaced or customized.


The harness and the flight suit are dust resistant and technically achieved. Highly resistant and made of high quality standard fabrics, the harness has a dedicated compartment to safely carry the ballast.


  • Its low sinkrate
  • Its high speed (without speedbar)
  • The possibility to increase the parachute speed by pulling down the A lines
  • Its ease of control in all speed ranges
  • The parachute can fly backwards
  • Flat area [m2]: 1.5
  • Flat wingspan [m]: 1.65
  • servos included
  • 1x servo 19kg.cm OPS1920AHV
  • 2 servos 29kg.cm OPS2920AHV

In the box:

  • 1x plates and hardware kit
  • 1x customizable head
  • 1x flight suit
  • 1x pair of shoes
  • 1x harness
  • 1x RC parachute - Steven
  • 1x repair kit
  • 1x innerbag
  • 3x servos