DJI Agras T30

€ 15.999,00

The DJI Agras T30
The DJI Agras T30 is the ultimate solution for professional farmers and agronomists looking for a powerful and reliable drone to maintain and protect their crops. This drone is designed with advanced technologies and features that increase the efficiency and accuracy of agricultural operations, and can reduce the pressure on labor.

With a maximum payload of 30 kg and an efficient flight time of 22 minutes, the Agras T30 can easily transport and spread a large amount of fertilizers, seeds, herbicides and pesticides over a wide area. With the precision of GPS navigation and automatic flight paths, the user can easily program the drone to fly at the right altitude and speed to reach desired areas.

With powerful AI technology, the Agras T30 can easily detect and recognize different types of crops, allowing users to apply the necessary treatments for each crop. With the drone's 3D mapping capability, users can accurately record and analyze the amount and location of treatments for better yields and results.

The Agras T30 is designed with sturdy materials and the latest technologies, making the drone strong, stable and durable for daily use in various weather conditions and environments. The drone is also easy to maintain and repair using the available spare parts and user-friendly interface.

Branch-targeting technology for thorough irrigation
With revolutionary branch-targeting technology and its adjustable arms, the Agras T30 penetrates thick crops. Using the Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform and cloud-based mapping, a 3D digital orchard can be created and managed, making it easy to get started with digital farming.

16 spray heads
With 16 nozzles, drip penetration is improved.
Eight sets of solenoid valves allow independent spraying. Horizontal plunger pump with 6 cylinder provides strong spraying force and high flow rate of up to 8 liters per minute.

Radar System
The DJI Agras T30 features a spherical radar system. This detects obstacles in the environment regardless of weather conditions. This automatic obstacle avoidance allows for worry-free and safe operation.

FPV camera
The T30 is equipped with 2 FPV cameras on the front and rear which provides a clear view to the front and back. The FPV cameras are equipped with LED lights making night flying easier.

Made for long-term use
The Agras T30 is a fully enclosed system, which makes it extra durable. All critical components have three layers of protection with an IP67 rating. Making the T30 ideal for long-term pesticide and fertilizer use.

The Agras T30 can be folded to 80%. Making the T30 easy to transport. With quick-snap locking, the T30 is ready for its mission in no time.

Remote controller
The remote controller supports stable image transmission up to 5 km away. Furthermore, the remote controller features a bright 5.5-inch screen, which can provide an excellent view of the operation even in difficult lighting conditions. In addition, it is possible to use one remote controller to control multiple drones simultaneously. Furthermore, the standard RTK positioning module enables precision operations that are centimeter accurate.

The DJI Agras T30 for agriculture
The DJI Agras T30 is a great solution for any professional farmer or agronomist looking for a powerful, efficient and reliable drone to manage and protect their crops. The Agras T30 allows for faster, more accurate and efficient work.