DJI A3 Flightcontroller

€ 1.099,00 € 749,00

Combining ultimate reliability with accurate flight control, the brand-new A3 series of flight controllers is ideal for demanding industrial and cinematic applications where reliability and customization are essential.

• Built-in PMU
• Intelligent Flight Modes
• Low voltage protection
• DJI Smart Battery Protection
• Motor overload detection
• External SBUS receiver
• Lightbridge 2 receiver
• 8 function channels (including 4 configurable direction channels)

Precision Fault-Tolerant Control 
The new attitude determination and multi-sensor fusion algorithms improve the A3's control accuracy. The robust control algorithm enables the A3 to be adapted to a wide range of aircraft without the need for manual tuning. With a fault-tolerant control system, a hexacopter or octocopter can land safely even in the event of propulsion system failure. 

DATALINK PRO operates at a frequency below 1 GHz and works over a range of up to 2 km. It integrates seamlessly with the A3 and D-RTK as well as the Ground Station, which allows up to 5 aircraft to be controlled from one base station. A broadcast mode lets the base station broadcast data to 32 mobile devices and a duplex mode keeps data locked to one device. 

Ground Station 
Supporting both touch screen and mouse and keyboard, the redesigned Ground Station can support mission design, for use in a range of industry applications. Users can simultaneously manage and monitor the mission implementation of multiple aircraft and plan formation flights. Ground Station is compatible with the A3 series, Matrice 100 and Matrice 600, Phantom 4 and DATALINK. 

The A3 series supports D-RTK GNSS for centimeter-level positioning accuracy compared to a normal GPS and barometer solution. Using dual antennas, its heading reference is more accurate than a compass sensor and it is able to withstand magnetic interference from metal structures. Depending on the region of purchase, it will utilize GPS and BeiDou or GPS and GLONASS to perform at the highest standards. 

Industry Solutions and SDK Compatibility 
The A3 series provides industry solutions with D-RTK GNSS, smart ESCs, intelligent batteries and Lightbridge 2. With Onboard and Mobile SDKs, custom-built applications can access light data and control the aircraft, gimbal and camera. Dedicated hardware interfaces including CAN and API ports allow industry experts to craft their ideal aerial system by adding actuators and sensors. 

Next-generation DJI Assistant 
The brand new DJI Assistant 2 is powerful yet simple, making it easy to set up a variety of DJI aerial systems. A new, built-in flight simulator ensures that complex moves can be practiced in advance without risking the aircraft and a completely overhauled Ground Station supports touch screen interaction, offline mission design, route planning and even formation flight for multiple aircraft.