Jeemo - Green - Carbon Look

€ 1.900,00 € 1.889,00

The first and only jet glider with an integrated turbine in the model. Almost ready to fly.
The Jeemo is designed for two models of turbine, namely the Kingtech K-45G4+ and the Xicoy X45.
The Jeemo can be assembled in about 20 hours.
The unit is produced in one version, Fast Slope (FS), using the latest EXTRALIGHT TECHNOLOGY.
The kit comes with everything needed to install the turbine.

Kit contents:
Jeemo turbine glider (color green)
Plywood engine support for turbine glued directly into the mold
Turbine rails with correct angle of attack
Rails for fuel tank
Fuel tank
Exhaust for turbine avoiding contact with fuselage
Servo mounts for wing servos, elevator and rudder;
High quality laser cut wooden mounting plate for receiver, battery and turbine control system
Carbon canopy
Control horns for control of the rudders

Carbon look
Luxury fuselage (without seam)
Fluo color
Transport bag for wings and elevator
Transport bag for fuselage
Turbine Kingtech K45G4+
UAT 100 ml
6 x servo KST X10
Luxe high quality laser cut wooden mounting plate for receiver, battery, turbine control and UAT