OMP M2 EVO BNF - Orange

€ 359,00

3D mini helicopter featuring 120° CCPM swash plate and 3G flybarless control unit (with attitude stabilization/3D selectable modes) with 434 mm main rotor diameter powered by a brushless motor with governor ESC. Ready to radio set incl. LiPo flight pack to be used with any 6-channel RC set and S.BUS compatible micro receiver.


CCPM swash plate controlled by electronically mixed servos, flybarless rotor head with 3G 3-axis gyroscopic system instead of the classic mechanic stabilizer and tail gyro, powerful brushless motor and electronic speed controller with the governor function, smart flight control unit featuring attitude stabilization mode for beginners as well as 3D mode for aggressive aerobatics - you will find all that packed in the M2 EVO mini helicopter with 434 mm diameter main rotor!

Let’s take a closer look at this latest gem of the OMP Hobby design. The airframe consists of precision machined 7075 aluminium motor mount and main shaft housing with carbon side frames and brackets, durable plastic landing skids and aluminium tube tail boom with carbon vertical stabilizer. The brushless outrunner motor Sunnysky® R40S-3 drives the main rotor directly without any gearbox. The tail rotor is being driven directly by the Sunnysky® R13-3 brushless motor. This makes the mechanic extremely simple; there are no more problems with “non-slidy” sliders, stripped gears or slipping drive shafts.

The massive 4 mm steel main shaft is housed in precise ball bearings; the swash plate and rotor head are machined from high strength 7075 aluminium alloy. Thanks to the 3G flybarless system and CCPM mixing the main rotor head is surprisingly simple yet state-of-the-art piece of machinery. The main rotor blade grips are perfect miniature of the “full size” RC helicopter grips - with all those bearings and damping rubber rings!

The heart of the electronic system is the smart flight control unit featuring integrated 3G flybarless unit, electronic speed controller with the governor function and three digital micro servos (1.65, 0.08 s/60°) with metal gears controlling the 120° CCPM swash plate. You will need at least 6-channel RC set with a miniature S.BUS (or DSM/DSMX) compatible receiver to control your M2 EVO. For the basic, non-aerobatic flying, the transmitter eves does not have to feature any heli program (the control unit does all the helicopter mixes) - you will just need 4 channels “on the sticks” and one 2-position switch for attitude stabilization/3D mode switching. Of course, for “full-fledged” classic and 3D flying, a computer transmitter with 2-3 flight modes with at least 5-point collective pitch curves is needed for the hovering and aerobatics plus the throttle-hold mode for autorotation landing/aerobatics.

The easily detachable canopy is moulded of durable, yet light plastic - you can choose from three high visibility colour schemes ensuring you can always “read” the position of your helicopter in the air. The flight pack is three-cell 11.1 V 750 mAh 60C LiPo battery (XT30 connector) placed in the easily accessible battery seat. It ensures up to 10 minutes of regular flight or up to 4 minutes of aggressive 3D aerobatics.

The helicopter is supplied fully assembled with pre-programmed flight control unit; so you just have to take it out of the box, install your S.BUS compatible micro receiver, charge the flight pack, set -up your transmitter following the detailed step-by step manual, double check all the helicopter control functions - and you can take off!

The M2 EVO is fully-fledged 3D helicopter with collective pitch control - as such it requires considerable pilot skills to be flown. It is not a “drone” requiring just pushing the throttle stick up and then hovering, no matter what, without any control input from the pilot. Intermediate or advanced helicopter pilots (who have already mastered flying with helicopters featuring the collective-pitch control) will truly enjoy the M2 EVO. However, with the right dose of humble perseverance, thorough PC helicopter simulator training, under the supervision of a skilled pilot and with the attitude mode on, the M2 EVO might be your first “fully-fledged” helicopter.

The ready to radio set contains: 100% assembled, ready to fly M2 EVO helicopter, 11.1 V 350 mAh 60C LiPo flight pack, spare main shaft and main rotor shaft, spare servo arms and small screw set, swash plate leveller, sturdy EPP foam box with hinged lid for safe transport and storage of the model, instruction manual.


Main rotor diameter [mm]434

Tail rotor diameter [mm]88

Length trupu [mm]422

Width [mm]72

Height [mm]140

Weight [g]345

Controlled functions M,Kl,Ko,Kp,Vr,gyro