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The bussystem for scale models

The Graupner / Pistenking bus system is a two-wire bus system, which allows several light functions via only two wires. The power supply of the light modules is also produced via these two wires. The central module receives commands from the Kingpad's transmitter-side and evaluates them. It sends the desired light functions to the light modules.
In order to reproduce functions such as brake and reversing lights, as well as turn signal and curve light, the steering and travel channel are connected to the central module.

Universal modules for lighting a complete model. Individual LEDs (not included)can be connected to each module. No additional series resistors are required as they are already integrated in the module!
The color of the LED to be connected is marked with a colored dot on the module. One LED can beconnected per output.

The big advantage of this set is that only two cables lead to the respective modules. Thus, a large cable cross-section in the model can be avoided. All light functions are controllable via the Kingpad.
The modules are delivered ready-to-install and tested.
From the receiver, the steering and travel channel are looped onto the central module. The speed controller and steering servo are now plugged into the central module.
A further output from the travel channel is also available on the central module. For example, an acoustic reversing warning device can be connected.

Outputs Front modules:
- parking light
- low beam (only with parking light)
- Main beam (only when passing low beam)
- Light flasher
- Fog lights
- Turn signal left / right
- Warning light
- autom. Curve light when steering or blinking
+ 5 volts

Outputs Rear modules:
- parking light
- Rear fog light
- Brake light over the driving channel
- Rear-beam headlights via the driving channel or the Kingpad
- Turn signal left / right
- Warning light
+ 5 volts

- Kingbus central module
- 2 patch cables (for connection receiver with Kingbus central module)
- 1 Kingbus patch cable 50cm
- 1 Kingbus 4-way distributor
- Detailed instructions

Technical specifications:
Operatingvoltage: 7.2 - 12 V = (corresponds to 6 -10 cells NiMH or 2s - 3s LiPo)
Meassures: 56 x 36,5 x 11 mm


◾Parking light
◾Dipped beam only with parking light
◾High beam only with dipped beam
◾Light flasher always possible
◾Automatic curve light when blinking or steering
◾Turn signal left /right (alternatively by Kingpad or always with steering)
◾Fog lamps and fog lights
◾Turn signal reset via steering channel
◾Hazard warning lights, all-round warning lights
◾Brake light and reversing headlights via the driving channel
◾Front / rear working headlights
◾Xenon effect in the light functions

Package content

Kingbus central module
2 Patch cable for connection receiver with central module
2 Universal modules for front (left / right, optionally with or without xenon effect)
2 patch cables (for connection receiver with Kingbus central module)
1 Kingbus patch cable 50cm
1 Kingbus 4-way distributor
2 Universal modules for rear (left / right)

Required accessories

◾Graupner / Kingpad Light Function (No.3974.1)
◾Graupner / Kingpad Switch Function (No.3974.2)
◾Adapter for mc-26 / mc-28 (No.3974.3)
◾Adapter for mc16 / mc-20 (No.3974.4)
◾The IRAM module is necessary for operation of the switching pad No.3974.2. Advice and references via www.pistenking.de

Width [mm]: 36,5 mm
Height [mm]: 11,0 mm
Overall length [mm]: 56,0 mm
Dimensions [LxWxH in mm]: 56 x 36,5 x 11 mm
Brand: Pistenking